Lakota Wikipedia project


It was great to see the enthusiasm for developing the Lakota Wikipedia at the workshop last week! This post consolidates some of the planning and resources that was discussed.

Wiki editing

One requirement for getting the wiki promoted to official status is to develop a community of regular editors. It is simple: visit the Incubator site, create an account, and start writing! You can start your own article or edit existing articles.

Interface translations

The interface of the Lakota Wikipedia must be translated into Lakota. Wikipedia uses a platform called to make the process as easy as possible. There are several groups of “messages,” or words/phrases, that must be translated from English:

Other resources

What am I forgetting? Let’s keep the conversation going!


Hi @Matthew_Rama, let me know if there’s anything I can help with on the Wikipedia project. Once we get the wiki moved out of the Incubator, we’ll have access to further opportunities like the official Wikipedia apps. The app has a geographic feature that can display articles on a map – thought this might be of interest for your context!


We will start to get content on it by the end of next week!


Okay, I met with all of our staff and by Friday and every Friday here on out, we will be posting in Wikipedia. We are very excited to get started and they are very excited to be live online!


That sounds fantastic! I’ll keep an eye on things, but let me know if anyone has any questions.


Here’s a slightly updated and revised version of Amir Aharoni’s article on translating the Wikipedia interface (one of the requirements for getting the Lakota wiki out of the Incubator): Translating the software that powers Wikipedia

Also, cool to see a few new editors working on articles!


We have begun focusing on Wikipedia and getting it out of the incubator stage, can you help direct us more on this? I am also interested in looking at some other open source software that we can start working on. The Colorado ones are for older kids, I would like something we could use right away.


Sure! In addition to developing articles, you’ll need to start translating the interface here:!translated&action=translate

Unfortunately, there is a lot of technical terminology. Wherever there is a placeholder like $1‎ or {{SITENAME}}‎, just leave that in and translate the English around it. Each individual bit of text also has an explanation or context that may or may not be helpful – if it is not enough, just let me know.

I can definitely prep some additional software for translation. Anything in particular you are interested in?


Hi Derek,

How do I login since I was too slow on the uptake last time and got demoted by an admin…Do I have to create a whole new editor account?


I’m not sure… I emailed to see if it is possible to reactivate your previous account. Does the system let you create a new one, or is the email you want to use locked out?


Hi @Peter_Hill, I received a confirmation that you will just need to create a new account.


Ok, I created a new acct for editing/translatong Wikipedia. Having trouble navigating; was so much easier when you were in the room to guide…wish you were here! So I’m starting with this page:

…which I have as a saved link from last time.

Then, when I go to edit, I get this (and am not able to type in the field):

Then, when I click on “Get permission”, I get this:

And I’m not sure what comes next. Am I supposed to translate the word “Selected” into Lakota? (which is what I did). Then, when I clicked on “Save translation”, there was an error message. And who is supposed to “approve” me on Wikipedia’s end?

Please advise as soon as possible, as I know the clock is ticking now that I have opened a new account, and I don’t want to get my account deleted again.


You are correct – the idea is that you translate the word above the text box into Lakota. You can click the “try another” button a few times until you see quickly-translatable terms. The terms that you translate in this “test” are not saved, so don’t spend too much time on them.

If you are getting an error when you try to “Save Translation,” that’s probably a different issue. Is it happening consistently?


I’m not sure how the approval process works, or who exactly does it. My account was activated fairly soon for Lakota after I submitted a few translations. Are you Peter57770?

Edit: Nevermind, I see your username in the screenshots. I added a “Babel box” to your Translatewiki user page that describes your language abilities. You can edit your page yourself if you want to provide more detail.


Hooray, @Peter_Hill, I see you just got promoted on Translatewiki. :slight_smile:


Yea!! Many thanks!



(just came across this logo I mocked up from the summer)