eduActiv8: Educational Activities for Kids [localization]




Like @Matthew_Rama, the app was failing to open, but I think I debugged it. I just needed to set the executable bit on on the eduactiv8 binary in / – now it seems to be working great.

@imiolek, can you update the build / post a new link when you have a chance? (I could upload my build, but probably less confusing for all if you maintain it…)


Sorry, I think compressing it on Linux changed permissions.

The updated link should be fine now (hopefully):

or rather this one:


Works for me! @Matthew_Rama, you’ll probably need to go into System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General and click the Open App option after you try to run the first time.


Works awesome! Love it, thank you for your help on this, it is much appreciated!


That’s great. I’m pleased. Thank you all again for your assistance and giving me the push to make it available on MacOS.


Hi, Sorry, I messed up the levels.xml file and certain matching activities crash. In some levels I allowed the game to have an odd number of objects making one of them not have a match. I’d definitely treat this program as beta for the time being. Also please report if you come across any more issues, I don’t think I’ll have enough time to play all levels in all games under every school year selection…

@Matthew_Rama I hope you haven’t installed it yet at school, and sorry if you have.

Updated App

or just updated levels.xml if you wanted to just download it and copy it into the

…this file would replace the file in the following location:

In fact if there’s anything you would like to change, for instance if the curriculum in your school is different than the one in the UK (which this program was based on - to some extent), you can try editing this file (and the menu.xml file to adjust age ranges or hide games), but as I just found out, sometimes it’s quite easy to break the game if wrong numbers are used, i.e. making a game area 5 x 3 was not a good idea in the matching games. When I get a chance I’ll try to write up a guide to editing this file.


Just a quick note…
There were some errors in the level file which have been fixed and the program updated and officially released at:

For future releases please either sign up for notifications for this project on SourceForge or follow

@lackaff @Peter_Hill @Matthew_Rama1


Hi friends, I’ve setup a platform to make the translation workflow less tedious. @Peter_Hill or @Matthew_Rama1, you can log in at this link:

@imiolek can easily pull in any translations directly into eduActiv8 from there (or I’ll submit a pull request when things are updated).

It looks like there have been some updates and new activities which require some new translations.


Hi again. Thanks for setting this service up. I gave this a go and it is pretty good. I believe you mentioned you are happy for other language translators to use this site - will pass this on when ready. At the moment the update on GitHub was just in case anything happens with my local copy (I wanted to upload to development branch only but did not realize I’ve changed to master a while ago), it’s not ready for release - still, a number of activities to add but also will have to get all the translations sorted.