eduActiv8: Educational Activities for Kids [localization]



That’s great, will make the release process much easier.

BTW. Sorry guys it’s all going so slow with me but I only get a little spare time to work on this project. Next time I’ll be free to sit down with it for a longer while will be around Tuesday again.

@Peter_Hill just for the sake of testing the translation in action - have you got access to any Windows or Linux machines? Just before I figure out exactly how to run it on MacOS.


We do have access to Windows.


I have a not so public version of the program available for Windows. It still needs some work before it’s officially released, but for the translation testing purposes it should be fine. It starts (hopefully) and should work the way it is meant to be. (I’ll have to look into rendering of letter “Ǧ”.)

To run: download the zip, unpack it somewhere and start it with eduactiv8.exe

I think I missed a few things out when I was updating the program. could you please translate the following:
“Word Matchers” - just a category of games where images are to be matched to their captions, can be called anything as long as it makes sense next to the Word Builders category.

"Match images to words"

The following few I could potentially deduct from what I have but would not want to mess it up:
"Decimals", "Fractions", "Ratios", "Percentages"

Also as to the credits for the translation, with the file being open I am not sure who actually contributed the translations, I am pretty sure Peter contributed a massive part of it but I wouldn’t want to miss anyone else out.

As you test it, please let me know if you come up with anything that could make this program better for your use in schools. I may be rather slow when it comes to implementing new things but will definitely look into any interesting ideas. Thanks.


This build started fine for me, and I clicked through several of the activities with no problems. Really exciting to see the localization live!


Have you had a chance to play around with this Windows build @Matthew_Rama and @Peter_Hill? I’ve worked through most of the activities and it seems to be looking great and functioning well. You’ll want to review for context, however. Let me know if I can assist further with a review (screenshots, testing, etc.)


We have tried it out through Parallels, not on an actual Window machine. I am curious when you put something wrong on many of the games, it doesn’t show that it is wrong or correct, is this how it is or are we missing a piece?


I will be working to build a system to automatically check most activities but for now to “submit” the answer you have to press the tick button. With the amount of activities it is a very time consuming task to convert the grading mechanism.


Sounds good, thanks!


Everything seems to be working well. We are very excited to get our children playing it. Thank you for all your help! We will figure out a way to get it to work with the computers we have access too.


I am pleased it’s working for you. When it comes to running it on Mac, I made some progress here. I managed to get hold of a Mac machine and managed to get the program started from source (only 2 lines needed in terminal to install the dependencies), I just need to debug the sizing of the window before I release updated source for testing. I am struggling to build with pyinstaller - will need more research.

Also I am trying to move the levels out of the math games into the xml file so they can be adjusted to match curriculum - at the moment choosing the age doesn’t do much other than hide some activities. When finished the difficulty will increase with age.

Unfortunately the auto checking with the amount of free time I have will take too long so will just be available in next version.

I’ll get you updated when Mac compatible source is available.


So here goes the Mac compatible source code. It’s still under development, only a few activities have been changed (the levels), and some repeating activity icons need updating.

Now not sure how you feel about using sudo, but here are the commands that are needed before running the code - the first one only if pip is not installed:
sudo easy_install pip
sudo -H pip install pygame

Download source code:

and unzip it somewhere.

cd /path/to/the/unpacked/zip/

or just:
python /path/to/the/app/


Awesome, it boots up for me on macOS Sierra 10.12 with Python 2.7!

It does not seem to be picking up the correct localizations, however – regardless of which language (Lakota, Spanish, German, etc.) I select on the login screen, the activities are in English. Screenshot (notice the “Logged in as”):

On first run, there was a long delay of 20-30 seconds with a white fullscreen window before the main game screen appeared after logging in. I thought it had crashed, but the main screen eventually appeared and everything seemed to run fine. On subsequent runs, everything popped up quickly.

Anyway, well done on conquering another OS!


That’s great. Thanks.
The delay on the first run may be some refresh issue, potentially if you moved the cursor (with mouse or otherwise) it would show up sooner.

The localisation:
There’s two steps to change language and they are not linked. The language you set on the login screen sets the language for the login screen only and also is a default language for new users. The already existing users keep the initial language. To change the in-game language for a user including Guest account you would have to login and on the start category select the activity with flags. To get this initial category you can click on the image (head) in top left corner.


Oops, my bad – I hadn’t noticed the in-game language switcher. It works fine!


I am not sure what sudo is, or how to get it running on the mac. I will need more detailed instructions, sorry.


Here’s what I did:

  1. Click the link

  2. Click the “Download” button in the upper right corner, select “save file” and hit OK.

  3. When download is complete, open Finder and click the Downloads link in the left menu under Favorites.

  4. Double-click the, it should expand and create an eduactiv8-3.70.828 directory.

  5. Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal (or just type “terminal” into Spotlight search).

  6. In the terminal, enter each of the following commands. The sudo commands will install some necessary components, just accept any default settings and follow the prompts.

    sudo easy_install pip
    sudo -H pip install pygame
    cd ~/Downloads/eduactiv8-3.70.828

Also, your users shouldn’t have to do any of this command line stuff. After things are confirmed working, Ireneusz is planning to build a regular install package.


Everything working well on this mac, tomorrow will be the first day with the kids.


Thank you for confirming it’s working. I’d need some more time to finish off the planed changes, also hope to be able to build an app that would bundle all required software. Also in the copy you currently have one of the games was only partially completed and multiplication and division game from that series will crash - so it’s definitely not a production code - not ready for the kids yet, sorry.

And whilst we are on it good luck and all the best in the new academic year!

It took some sorcery or sourcery, but I managed to create a one file Mac app - still a number of minor tweaks to sort out with it and some testing and will have the app ready for you by the beginning of next week - sorry the work is slowing me down a bit. But anyway there should be no need to install anything it will only need downloading, unzipping, potentially dragging to applications and will run on double click.


As per the update to the previous post I have a ‘working’ app. I managed to get it started on my Mac 12.10.3 - so it should work on anything with that version and above.

@lackaff if this one works then now I have properly conquered MacOS

Please let me know if it works OK for you and whether it is good enough to be put on the classroom machines. I’ve done some testing but still there may be things missed out.

Also @Matthew_Rama and @Peter_Hill I’d love to hear back from you as to how it works for you, any feedback you can provide will be very much appreciated, especially if there is anything that does not work as expected. I’d love to know how kids received it, even if the comments are not that good.

Now the main bit - download and installation.

  1. Similarly to the python version go to the following link and click “Download” in the top right corner and save it in Downloads. (updated link)
  2. Open the Downloads in Finder and double click the
  3. Open the unpacked directory and copy the to Applications
  4. Run the app by double clicking on it.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I am not able to open it, when I download it.